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Strike Team 602 Deployment to Collier County to help with relief from Hurricane Irma

September 11, 2017 – September 14, 2017


A Manatee County Strike team was sent down to Collier County to help the local fire departments after Irma. The Manatee County Strike team consisted of East Manatee Fire Rescue, North River Fire Department, The City of Bradenton, West Manatee Fire Rescue, Southern Manatee Fire Rescue, and Cedar Hammock Fire Rescue.  The members of East Manatee’s Team were Battalion Chief Bailey, Lieutenant Nicholson, Engineer Madsen, Firefighter Morrow, and Firefighter Butler.  When they arrived in Collier County, they were requested to the Immokalee Fire Department as their firefighters were exhausted and needed help.  East Manatee and West Manatee worked together to performed various duties such as search and rescue, as well as grid search, running approximately 80 calls including a structure fire, vehicle fires, various medical calls, and the all common wires down after the storm.  They also cleared roadways, cut down trees, gave aid and handed out supplies to those in need.  The cleanup after Hurricane Irma was a massive undertaking and we were pleased to be able to help our neighboring brothers and sisters in their time of need.

East Manatee Fire Rescue and West Manatee Fire Rescue passing out supplies:

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Working together to help others:

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Pictures after Irma:

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East Manatee Fire Rescue is being recognized by Barrett Reality in their 52 weeks of promoting People and Places

Tony Barrett of Barrett Reality interviews East Manatee Fire Rescue’s Fire Chief Lee Whitehurst.  In the interview Chief Whitehurst discusses East Manatee’s history and growth.  He also touches on fire safety, lightning strikes, firefighter gear, and some of East Manatee Fire Rescue’s apparatus.  Click on the link below to watch the interview.


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