Picture of Lee - Chief web picture

On behalf of the dedicated men and women of the East Manatee Fire Rescue District, I would like to welcome you to our website. I hope that it will be informative and helpful to you.

After almost 14 years as our Chief, Byron Teates retired on January 9th. He accomplished much during his tenure, growing the number of fire stations by 1/3 and increasing our staffing six-fold.  We wish him well on his much deserved retirement.

Now we are focusing on a new vision for the District. Knowing we will build a 7th station within the next five years, we will concentrate in the meantime on improving what we do now.

To do this, we will focus on three areas – facilities/equipment, personnel, and level of service. In order to accomplish this, we must upgrade our equipment and technology, enhance our communications and professionalism, reduce our response times, and improve our effectiveness on arrival.

I hope you will let me know how we are doing. Please email me with any comments, suggestions, or concerns to Admin@emfr.org.


Lee Whitehurst